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WYSC Recreational Basketball Referee Program


Primary Contact: Lisa Garner via email to Lgarner  or call 540-326-2455






WYSC Referee Schedule


Referee Schedule: Schedule - (Updated 1/4/2019) 


Referee Procedures


All referee's are required to attend open gym nights before the season starts so you can be evaluated. Once evaluated your pay will be set. Any referee who doesn't attend an open gym will start at the bottom of the pay scale.

All referees are required to register online. To register online as a referee, select "WYSC HOME" from above. Once on home page select "Register Online", then follow registration instructions. All referee's must be at least 16 years in age.

Before games are assigned to a referee, the referee must complete the following forms and send email it back to the coordinators above no later than December 14, 2018. New referees must submit this form as soon as they have registered:

Referee availability form

A mandatory referee meeting will be held. Date and time has yet to be determined. At this meeting we will determine all referee's pay for the winter 2019 season. Any referee who doesn't attend will start at the bottom of the pay scale


Referee Certification


All non-certified referee's are required to take the National Federation of High School Basketball Officials Pass/Fail Exam. This exam can be taken by clicking HERE. The results of this test will need to be submitted to WYSC. A passing score of 70  or better is required to get full credit. Any referee who fails this test still be able to referee but at a lower pay rate. This will require all referee's to have the basketball rules book. All referee's are required to carry this book with them to all games. This book will be provided by WYSC and the cost will be deducted from your check at the end of the season. 




All referee's are required to wear Basketball Officials Jersey, Black Slacks (no shorts), black shoes, and a whistle. Failure to do so will result in a deduction of pay for every game worked during the season.



Payment for Games  


Referees will be paid once each season within two weeks after the completion of the season. If you do not receive your check, please email Lisa Garner at Lgarner@wysc.org. All referees must submit a W9 tax form before payment can be made. You can click .......{Here} for the form. 

Referees who miss or arrive late to ANY of their scheduled games may be deleted from future schedules and their pay rate will be lowered for their games already worked.