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  1. Coaching Responsibilities
  2. Reporting Scores
  3. Ball Sizes
  4. Coaching Assignments 
  5. Contact Information



          1.  All Players 9 and up will participate in evaluations.

           2.  Players will play 3 vs. 3 and be evaluated by Coaches not in the same age division.

           3.  Players will be provided a score of 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest) in the skill categories of shooting, passing,    dribbling, and defense.

           4.  Coaches from the division being evaluated may only observe the players; no input to the evaluators is allowed.             

           5.  Players will receive an overall evaluation score based on the scores from the skill categories.

           6.  Players who do not attend evaluations will be provided a score based on previous evaluations, experience and coaches evaluations from the previous season and will be identified on the Draft Roster.



         1.  Coaches will be provided with a list of players, final evaluation numbers, height and the region assigned for practice. (north, central, south). 

          2.  We will run a snake draft with coaches drafting position determined by their childʼs evaluation number.  Lowest evaluation numbers will choose first in age divisions 9/10 and 11/12.  For age divisions 13/14 and up, Coaches will have the option to choose their draft position.  Lowest evaluation numbers will choose first.  (In the case of a tie, coaches who helped at evaluations will go first.)

          3.  If the head coach has an assistant coach that they would like to have assigned to their team, they will give up a draft position based on the assistant coachʼs playerʼs evaluation. (See line 5 in the above section). Draft round is determined by the number of players evaluated above the assistant coachʼs player. Example: 10 Team Division, and there are 40 players rated higher. The Assistant Coachʼs player would assume the teamʼs 5th round selection.


Evaluation times are as follows:

9-10:00 AM -----------------  9-10 yr olds

10-11 AM  -------------------- 11-12 yr olds

11-12 PM----------------------13-14 yr olds

12-1 PM ---------------------15+ and older



  • You should expect to dedicate only about 3 hours a week. One and a half hours for practice and one and a half hours for games.   
  • At least two weeks before practices start, contact your players. Introduce yourself and explain to your parents when and where practices will be held.  Also make the parents aware of what the children should bring to practices and games.  If you have any other expectations you should make them clear at this point. 
  • Check your team schedule and make sure your team parents know how to check it. Look for situations where your team and the opposing team will be wearing the same color. If any of those situations occur, and your team is the home team, let the parents know what color your team will be wearing that day instead of their regular uniforms.
  • If you prefer, ask one of the team parents to volunteer as the "team coordinator/liaison" for specific duties during the season to ensure smooth communication.
  •  Attend coaches’ clinics offered by WYSC during the season.
  • Hold one practice each week and attend up to 8 games on Saturdays throughout the season. Coach your team to the best of your ability, calling on your reserves of knowledge and patience. Make practices fun and productive but don’t forget your sense of humor! 
  • Be a good role model by emphasizing teamwork and sportsmanship
All of WYSC’s coaches are volunteers. 
The winning coach of each game is responsible for reporting the score. To do so you will need to log in to your team's webpage (using the password previously provided by the club) .
Once you've logged, from WYSC's home page, place your mouse over "Teams", then;
  • "Choose a Team",
  • "Basketball 2018"
  • "Age Division coaching"
  • "Team Name you are coaching"
  • ​From the next page, select "Results"
  • Select which game you would like to update.
  • The next screen is where you input the game score

All Score sheets need to be scanned to Lgarner@wysc.org before the end of the weekend. 




The 5-6 and 7-8 divisions will use size 27.0 basketballs.

​The 9-10 and 11-12 divisions will used size 28.5 basketballs.​

​The 13-14 and 15-18 girls divisions will use size 28.5 basketballs.

The 13-14 and 15-18 boys divisions will use size 29.5 basketballs.




The first priority in assigning coaches goes to coaches who are returning to the same age division. The second priority in assigning coaches goes to returning coaches moving up a division (earliest registrations get top priority.) The third priority goes to new coaches.



Primary Contact:
               Lisa Garner